April 14, 2016

Search for Barebones or Empty Blogger Templates

Use Blogger to Host Static Web Pages - Part 1

Before you can create a plain HTML page on Blogger, you must first have a very plain, very minimal Blogger template.  To get the most basic, blank, empty, or barebones Blogger template, you can search for one on Google.

Your first search terms should be 'blogger' and 'template' then you must add any combination of the following keywords: 'most-basic', 'blank', 'empty', or 'barebones'.  I don't advise to use 'basic', 'plain' or 'minimal' because you will get tons of irrelevant results.

These are the search terms you can use:

blogger, template, most-basic
blogger, template, blank
blogger, template, empty
blogger, template, barebones

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