April 14, 2016

18 Examples of the Most Basic or Blank Blogger Templates

Use Blogger to Host Static Web Pages - Part 2

Here are the links I found that contain the most basic, blank, empty, or barebones Blogger templates.  It seems that searching for any kind of Blogger template results in tons of generic Blogger template collection sites.  I've already weeded out all irrelevant links so you won't have to waste your time doing so.  I hope you find this very useful.  These links are sorted according to the most recommended page.
  1. How To: Create the Most Basic Blogger Template Possible | Judicious Tactician
  2. The Barebones Anatomy of a Blogger Layout Template - Template of Doom
  3. Maker's Notes: The Simplest Possible Template
  4. html - Simplest Blogger Template. (BlogSpot) - Stack Overflow
  5. Blogger Blank/Empty template for Blogger Template Design - Technohalf
  6. Make A Blank Template / HTML Page In Blogger - Subin's Blog

  7. Most Basic Template possible? - Google Groups
  8. Post 1/8: Creating your own Blogger template from scratch, sort of
  9. The most basic Blogger template ~ Blodger
  10. How to Use Blogger as a Blank HTML Page - YouTube

  11. Blank Blogger Template
  12. How to Change Blogger Template Into a Blank HTML Page
  13. Convert Blogger Template into a blank HTML Page
  14. Blank Blogger Template OR Blank HTML Page - best IM tricks

  15. Maker's Notes: A Slight Expansion on the Bare Bones Blogger Template
  16. Convert Blogger Template Into a Blank HTML Page Using Code - FrinMash
  17. Vanilla Eyes (Blogger Template): Bare Bones II "Old Blogger" Template
  18. Minimal/bare-bones Blogger template; used as a starting point. · GitHub
These links were collated using the search terms from the previous part of this article.

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