July 4, 2016

How I Compiled a List of Bataan Tourist Desintations

My family and I recently visited Bataan and we enjoyed our short time there.  I created a list so we could go back and explore more of Bataan.

We have not yet visited all the locations on the list, which only covers the northern part of Bataan and excludes southern destinations such as Mariveles and Corregidor.  I will probably add southern Bataan destinations to the list in the future.

You can visit most, if not all, the tourist spots on the list in one day, although two days would be better.  It's quick not only due to the good roads and lack of traffic but also because of my choice of fewer stops that still includes many significant sites to experience.  This allows a more efficient use of time since you can see many tourist sights by travelling to fewer locations.

I chose churches and World War II memorials for most of the tourist stops.  I relied on Waze to guide me accurately to my destinations.  The location names in bold are the search terms to be used for searching on Waze to find the correct route to that location.

I chose the Bataan Tourist Center as ground zero since it should be the first stop.  The distance to each destination is the distance from the Tourist Center.  At the Tourist Center, you can get maps that are very helpful.  One of those maps, I used to help create this list.

Here are the websites I used for reference:

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View the list of 29 Bataan tourist locations that I compiled here.

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