July 4, 2016

29 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Northern Bataan via Waze

Before you read the list, you can find out why I decided to compile this list of Bataan tourist destinations, here on this other post and how I was able to compile the list on another post.

Below are the 29 tourist sites you can visit on your trip to the northern area of Bataan.  Use this list to plan your tour itinerary and let it serve as your tour guide.  Use the locations in bold as search terms in Waze to set your destination.  Distance shown is the distance from the Bataan Tourist Center.  Click on the links to get a Google Street View of the area.

How I Compiled a List of Bataan Tourist Desintations

My family and I recently visited Bataan and we enjoyed our short time there.  I created a list so we could go back and explore more of Bataan.

We have not yet visited all the locations on the list, which only covers the northern part of Bataan and excludes southern destinations such as Mariveles and Corregidor.  I will probably add southern Bataan destinations to the list in the future.

I Really Like Visiting Bataan

My family and I took a vacation to Bataan recently.  We weren't there for very long but because of the good wide roads and absence of traffic, we were able to visit a good number of historically significant locations in the province.

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