July 4, 2016

I Really Like Visiting Bataan

My family and I took a vacation to Bataan recently.  We weren't there for very long but because of the good wide roads and absence of traffic, we were able to visit a good number of historically significant locations in the province.

Bataan is all the more memorable for me because my grand-uncle, my father's eldest brother, died in the Bataan Death March, so I'm glad we enjoyed our stay there.

Bataan is a very nice place to stay.  It has the atmosphere and comforts of modernity without the pervasive chaos, commercialism, and over-crowding that development usually brings.

It is a very clean province.  The streets lack trash, even in the city centers.  Most streets are wide and there are no cars double-parked along them.

Due to the lack of traffic and garbage as well as the cleanliness of their eateries and restrooms, while still offering the conveniences of a developed city, each of the towns and cities in the whole of the province of Bataan has a feeling of being well-planned and managed, and their citizens come off as law-abiding and disciplined.

Contrast this with towns and cities in and around Metro Manila as well as congested cities in the provinces like Baguio and Cebu, and you will see the negative effects of commercialization.

I created a list of destinations so we could go back and explore more of Bataan.  You can check out that list here.

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