October 20, 2017

Compiling a List of Global Classified Ad Websites

A Method of Collecting a Group of International Sites that Allow Free Classified Ads
Websites with job ads and local ads for the Philippines and other countries

I needed to gather a list of global websites that offer free classified ads as part of my overall project to create a collection of job posting sites.  In this article, I reveal my process for putting together a list of worldwide classified ad websites.  You can view that list on another article.

Firstly, websites with classified ads must be differentiated from websites that only post job listings since these do not offer other types of advertisements and should be considered solely as job sites and not as classified ad websites.

Secondly, since my purpose of this list is for me to eventually find a job, the list of websites must have job postings or employment listings from locations within the Philippines.

Thirdly, each website on the list must not be focused solely on the Philippines since I am putting together a list of global websites.  Each listed website must include posts from locations around the world as well as from the Philippines.

The websites in the list must not be exclusively job sites but still contain job listings from different countries, particularly job posts from the Philippines.  The listed sites must have other types of classified ads to be considered as classified ad websites.

The only way I could compile an exhaustive list of international classified ad websites was mainly to use Google search, SimilarWeb, and Xmarks.  None of the other similar site search tools could provide enough relevant results.  SimilarWeb and Xmarks had categories which helped me easily collect a good number of classified ad sites.  Much of the lesser known sites I gathered, came from Google search.  I then gave them rankings that I formulated from the rankings in Xmarks, SimilarWeb, and Alexa.

I used SimilarWeb first because it immediately provided me with 50 results just by going to the Top Websites Ranking page and constraining the list to the Classifieds category and then choosing a location.  I selected Worldwide, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, and the United States which gave me a total of 300 results.  I ranked the sites based on how often they appeared on all lists as well as their individual ranking for each location.

I used Xmarks next.  Searching for backpage.com and usfreeads.com, I found 6 topics that contained the classified ad websites I was looking for.  The topics were Classifieds, Free Classifieds, Classified Ad, Online Classifieds, Free Advertising, and Free Ads.  I gathered 6 pages worth of sites for each topic, which gave me around 300 results which I ranked according to how often they appeared on all topic lists as well as their individual ranking for each topic.

Lastly, I used several groups of search terms on Google to pinpoint the websites I needed.  These are the search terms:
ads quezon-city +classified
jobs cars +classifieds quezon-city
cars +classified employment quezon-city
ads classified malabanan country
ads jobs cars +classifieds philippines
employment cars ads philippines +classifieds
ads jobs cars +classifieds philippines country
employment cars ads philippines +classifieds country
In place of country, replace using one of the search terms, australia, canada, singapore, usa, united-states, and hong-kong.

I used the search term malabanan because of a curious thing I discovered while searching.  In most of the classified ad websites I visited, I found that each one of them included a posting from a Philippine company called Malabanan which offered septic tank services.  I knew that if a website contained the word malabanan, I could assume that the website contained free classified ads and that there was a strong probability that it offered ads from the Philippines.

Google search yielded the same top websites I harvested earlier from SimilarWeb and Xmarks; but it also gave results from less popular sites thus providing a more comprehensive list than a common short list of the most well-known websites.

Finally, the last remaining step to perform, is to sort the websites, based on the weighted worldwide rankings of Xmarks, SimilarWeb, and Alexa, and the number of recent job postings of each site.

You can go ahead and view the completed list in the article, "Top Global Classified Ad Websites with Philippine Job Listings".

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