April 14, 2016

Hosting Static Web Pages on Blogger

Use Blogger to Host Static Web Pages - Part 3

I needed to serve two static HTML pages for my adsense ad units backup ads.  I used Blogger since it was easy to use, easy to manipulate, and I already had an account.

Before we start, you need to have a barebones Blogger template.  You can search for a barebones template on Google using the keywords I showed in the first part of this article or just choose from the links I gave in the second part of this article.

Here are the steps to host static web pages on Blogger:
  1. Create a new blog.  I strongly advise not to do this to an existing blog.  It will wipe out the template and all its formatting and layout.
  2. On the Overview page of your blog, select Template and then select Edit HTML.
  3. Select everything (Ctrl-A) then delete all.
  4. Paste the code of your barebones template into the empty text box.
  5. Click on Save template.
  6. Select Pages and then click on New page to start creating your static plain HTML web page.
You can use CSS styles for each static page by switching to HTML editing and adding the <style></style> tags.

To get rid of the Home and the Subscribe to lines at the end, you can add this code to the template, right before the <body> tag:

  #blog-pager {display: none;}
  .blog-feeds {display: none;}

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