April 16, 2016

Reference for the Blog Search Function of Blogger

Given that Blogger is so widely used, it seems so odd that there is only one single, solitary webpage devoted to documenting the blog search parameters for Blogger.  If you want to manipulate how to display your blog posts on Blogger, you can do a lot by using the search feature of your blog.

You can limit how many blogs to show at a time.  You can filter posts you want to show by multiple labels.  You can filter your posts by date.  You can sort your posts from oldest to newest or vice versa.  You can also filter your posts by keyword.

All this can be done; however, no documentation for the parameters of Blogger's blog search function can be found on the Internet, not even from Blogger or Google.  That is, except for one web page:

No other web page exists that show the multiple parameters of Blogger's blog search function.  I needed this to be able to show exactly the content that I want shown on my website and I am very thankful to the author for writing that article.  I hope this helps my visitors as well.

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