July 4, 2016

29 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Northern Bataan via Waze

In this post, you can find 29 tourist spots you can visit on your trip to the northern area of Bataan.  Use this list to plan your tour itinerary and let it serve as your tour guide to the various tourist attractions of this historic province.

How I Compiled a List of Bataan Tourist Desintations

My family and I recently visited Bataan and we enjoyed our short time there.  I created a list so we could go back and explore more of Bataan.

We have not yet visited all the locations on the list, which only covers the northern part of Bataan and excludes southern destinations such as Mariveles and Corregidor.  I will probably add southern Bataan destinations to the list in the future.

I Really Like Visiting Bataan

My family and I took a vacation to Bataan recently.  We weren't there for very long but because of the good wide roads and absence of traffic, we were able to visit a good number of historically significant locations in the province.

May 19, 2016

19 Tools for Searching Similar Sites

Tools for Compiling Lists on a Class of Websites
Searching for Related Sites

How I Gathered the Tools for Finding Related Sites

Beforehand, I decided on the types of tools I needed:

  1. Search engine
  2. Website traffic measurement sites - Needed for sorting websites according to their value which is determined by traffic rank
  3. Categorized reference sites - These are manually organized and human edited pages. Staying listed in reputable reference sites indicates a website's value. Similar sites are found within the category of a website.
  4. Link database with popularity ranking - Displays related products or links for each indexed item and sorts them according to their value which is determined by their popularity ranking
  5. Similar website search engine - Displays related sites for each website searched.

April 16, 2016

Reference for the Blog Search Function of Blogger

Given that Blogger is so widely used, it seems so odd that there is only one single, solitary webpage devoted to documenting the blog search parameters for Blogger.  If you want to manipulate how to display your blog posts on Blogger, you can do a lot by using the search feature of your blog.

April 14, 2016

Hosting Static Web Pages on Blogger

Use Blogger to Host Static Web Pages - Part 3

I needed to serve two static HTML pages for my adsense ad units backup ads.  I used Blogger since it was easy to use, easy to manipulate, and I already had an account.

18 Examples of the Most Basic or Blank Blogger Templates

Use Blogger to Host Static Web Pages - Part 2

Here are the links I found that contain the most basic, blank, empty, or barebones Blogger templates.  It seems that searching for any kind of Blogger template results in tons of generic Blogger template collection sites.  I've already weeded out all irrelevant links so you won't have to waste your time doing so.  I hope you find this very useful.  These links are sorted according to the most recommended page.

Search for Barebones or Empty Blogger Templates

Use Blogger to Host Static Web Pages - Part 1

Before you can create a plain HTML page on Blogger, you must first have a very plain, very minimal Blogger template.  To get the most basic, blank, empty, or barebones Blogger template, you can search for one on Google.

April 13, 2016

Use Blogger to Host Static Web Pages

I needed to serve two static HTML files as the backup ads for my adsense ad units.   I couldn't find any free static website host that had sufficient bandwidth limits and was easy to sign up with and easy to use and pare down templates to the minimum.  The few website hosts that were easy to sign up with and had sufficient bandwidth limits, were code repository sites that required an additional application to upload any file, or they were sites that exclusively used website builder tools that made it hard for you to make very minimal templates.  Blogger satisfies all the requirements.

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